Wisehockey reforms digital services around sports events with The Fan Group


Wisehockey and The Fan Group, a company providing mobile services for sports clubs, join forces to digitalize the service ecosystem around sports events. Fully automated sports analytics combined with strong expertise in digital solutions create new opportunities for business and sponsoring while strengthening fan engagement.

Wisehockey and The Fan Group have started a collaboration to produce better mobile services for sports clubs and to strengthen fan engagement. Wisehockey’s automated sports analytics platform enables real-time data stream via its API to The Fan Group’s mobile app which is already used by many sports clubs.

Wisehockey’s advanced technology allows gathering game data in real time, analyzing the data in a cloud, and using the processed and visualized data for different purposes including third-party applications. The Wisehockey sports analytics platform is used in thousands of games a year, in both ice hockey and football.

Digitalization provides unique opportunities for the whole service ecosystem around sports events. Real-time data becomes valuable when there is a wide range of interesting, ready-made end-to-end solutions available. Fan engagement is one of Wisehockey’s focus points, and we aim to partner forward-looking companies, like The Fan Group, with forward-looking solutions,” said Wisehockey’s Head of Sales Miska Kuusisto.

The Fan Group has strong expertise in strengthening fan engagement with their mobile app for sports clubs. The company’s mobile-first approach allows clubs to bring fans closer while simultaneously streamlining operations. The Fan Group’s app appeals to sports clubs because they do not need to develop their own mobile solutions, but can adopt a complete service and customize it for their needs.

The Fan Group’s mobile app combines a variety of mobile-based features including but not limited to gamification, fan rating and match center, which will work in cohesion with Wisehockey’s statistics to further enhance fan engagement. In addition, the mobile app contains features such as ticketing, auctions, fan loyalty and raffles that act as a direct revenue stream for the clubs and their partners.

The people behind Wisehockey are extremely innovative and a perfect example of the type of people we want to work with. There is no doubt in my mind that Wisehockey’s platform will help to improve our mobile app and the fans’ experience using it,” said CEO of The Fan Group, Ronny Pedersen.

Together Wisehockey and The Fan Group aim to accelerate business and sponsoring around sports events and create a more captivating game experience for fans. For example, fans can compete against each other in games that utilize different factors of the game to offer a fun activity. At the same time, sponsors get more visibility.

Real-time match data is now used in completely new ways. Fans can engage with their favorite teams and players better than before. In addition, The Fan Group’s new concepts for gamification allow us to widen the scale of using our real-time analytics,” Kuusisto added.

Mobile phone in a fan's hand showing Wisehockey's and The Fan Group's logos

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