Wisehockey named Official Real-Time Analytics Partner of the E.H.C. Alliance


Wisehockey and the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs (E.H.C.) today announced a multi-year partnership, naming Wisehockey the Official Real-Time Analytics Partner of the E.H.C. Alliance.

The partnership will offer Wisehockey an array of networking and exposure opportunities within the European club hockey community and preferred participation at the E.H.C. Hockey Business Forum, a must-attend international networking event and the best forum in Europe to attend for hockey clubs looking to grow their businesses.

The Tampere, Finland based Wisehockey provides fully automated real-time sports analytics. Wisehockey is one of the world leaders in the industry, and its real-time data opens up unlimited possibilities for entertainment and betting service providers. The fully automated platform also brings new next-level tools to team and player development.

In a short time, the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs has established itself as an important player on the international hockey scene. Digital transformation is here, and Wisehockey is pleased to have the opportunity to expand our business together with the Alliance,” said Tomi Mikkonen, CEO at Wisehockey Ltd.

We are very excited to enter this partnership with Wisehockey, as we not only believe that their products and services can help clubs and leagues to take the next step in hockey analytics, but we also share the same vision about the growth of hockey in Europe,” said E.H.C. Managing Director Szymon Szemberg.

Efficient game analysis and tools

Sports analytics has been an integral part of team and player development for a long time. However, full automatization using a real-time digital platform is something completely new.

When we say real-time, we mean tracking player movements on the level of less than 200 milliseconds. We also produce a full set of thousands of measurements, including graphics, in just a few seconds. In addition, our platform’s microarchitecture allows us to run new algorithms for hundreds of already recorded games in only minutes. This makes both our development process and pure game analysis more efficient than ever,” describes Mika Hulkki, Wisehockey’s Head of Product Management.

Alongside with new business opportunities, full automatization has provided tools for team and player development.

We have been able to automate all game day tasks, not only the analytics part. Literally no personnel are required to run the Wisehockey system at the arena on a game day. An automated system means new opportunities for partner teams and institutions because operational costs and user effort are extremely low. With this kind of collaboration, next-generation analytics and player development become easily available for any advanced teams,” adds Miska Kuusisto, Wisehockey’s Head of Sales.

Why do professionals value Wisehockey?

Listen to Wisehockey partner team and E.H.C. member Tappara explain what Wisehockey’s advanced analytics platform brings to games and training: