Wisehockey and KHL sign a league-wide contract


Wisehockey and Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) have started league-wide collaboration by signing a six-year contract. The automatic real-time sport analytics platform has been part of all KHL games since the first match of the season on September 1. Over a thousand digitalized matches will be played in KHL in 2019–2020.

It did not take long for Wisehockey to convince KHL. Negotiations started in January 2019 when the Wisehockey system was piloted in an All-Star game in Kazan. During the summer, the system was installed to every KHL arena from Riga to Vladivostok and Shenzhen in just a little over two months. Smart pucks and chips as well as the data produced with them have been part of all KHL games in the current 2019–2020 season.

Wisehockey was able to take the leap to the arenas of a multinational professional league in such a short time because the developers had set their minds on the global market already at the beginning. The system and related equipment can be installed to new arenas quickly, and Wisehockey is ready to offer a wide range of new features to fans, teams and coaching as well as betting and entertainment service providers.

Wisehockey CEO Tomi Mikkonen summarizes the past year: “As an entrepreneur you must follow your vision even if people around you think it’s completely mad. We’ve been working very hard for Wisehockey’s success, and expanding to the global market has been our goal since Wisehockey started. The contract with KHL is the best possible opening for Wisehockey’s international success.

The digitalization of all games and implementing real-time analytics in coaching and entertainment services is part of KHL’s long-term strategy. Data produced by Wisehockey was prominently present already in the All-Star game this year, but the digitalization of all games creates a basis for a wide range of new features. “The fastest growing field in betting is live betting, and Wisehockey can help to take it to the next level. We are also working on new entertainment services that would have been impossible before our automatic and real-time technology. The first new features will be launched during the current season,” tells Head of Sales Miska Kuusisto.

Sergey Dobrokhvalov, KHL Vice President for Marketing and Communications says: “Part of the KHL Strategy adopted by KHL Board of Directors on 2017 is use of innovative approaches to all league activities and initiatives. The use of sporting telematics fits perfectly into this concept. We are glad that the product of our cooperation with Wisehockey already as 12th KHL season got underway highlights the availability of new statistical data about every game, thanks to the installation of new “smart” technology in every arena used by the league. The KHL is the first league in the world to implement the system throughout all venue and games of the championship. The main audience is our clubs and fans. During the games, the coaching staff can access in-depth analysis which they can see in real time, with no waiting to gather and collate information. Fans will see new data via the website, via the app, on KHL-TV channels and on jumbotron during the games.”