The next step of real-time hockey analytics: new sports or augmented reality?


“The difficult part is the speed of the puck that can be up to 160 km/h. The puck may be subjected to a 300 G force when it hits the goalpost. The chip inside the puck must be able to endure extreme impacts. But tackling this challenge is only the beginning.”

Wisehockey CEO Tomi Mikkonen explains how the automatic real-time sport analytics platform works in a recent Kauppapolitiikka article. He also has a vision for the future of the product. Wisehockey’s success is the product of hard work and putting latest technologies to the test.

The Wisehockey system is more than a “smart puck”: there is smart technology at the other end of the system as well. There are 20 locators and a server at the arena, and the rest of the analytics takes place in a cloud. Tagged players and puck are digitalized into data points. The analytics changes the data points into accurate statistics and graphics in real time, and different service providers can turn this information into services. Mikkonen wants to make people aware of the new possibilities: “We can provide data for TV and also enable new digital services. For example, you could point your phone camera at a player and get the player’s information to your phone.”

Wisehockey developers have also started exploring the possibilities of augmented reality.

Mikkonen believes that in five years all major hockey leagues will be playing with a smart puck. He also believes in the future of Wisehockey: “This season is our third with the Finnish Hockey League and our first full season with KHL. We have already agreed on a third league, and there have been inquiries from other sports. There are no similar automatic analytics systems in sports such as soccer, and we’ve already started testing in it.”

Read the full story in Kauppapolitiikka article (in Finnish).