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The idea behind Wisehockey is simple: to provide accurate, real-time data analysis with minimum effort. And not just to provide data, but to visualize it and make it easy to use, and make it always available for a coach, player and fan to help them gain more from the game. However, that was not enough for us… we wanted to develop a light and easy-to-scale system, which has flexible APIs for 3rd party services. Out of these elements, we built a brand new layer to hockey, and we called it Wisehockey.

Product development

Due to the fast pace of the sport, hockey analytics has been very limited and vulnerable for errors. When the smart puck is moving as fast as 160 km/h (100 mph), you have to develop very robust hardware just to get started. With careful development, we created a patented (patent pending) smart puck with incredible durability and tracking capabilities. For hockey analytics, it’s not enough just to have a dedicated, world class development team, but also a team that understands the game itself. In order to capture the nature of hockey, there has to be a top professional ice hockey team as a partner. With all these elements, we created the leading real-time hockey analytics product, Wisehockey.


Is there a better place to test the product, than the iconic Hakametsä arena (Ice Hockey World Championship arena in 1965, 1982, 1991, 1997, and 2003) in Finland with the European top team Tappara (16-time Finnish champion)? The past year we have collected a massive amount of data from games and practices to ensure robust product and leading hockey analytics. Additionally, our testing team has spent hundreds of hours on ice to create even harder stress tests than a regular game or practice. After these extreme tests, we are proud to introduce the leading real-time hockey analytics product, Wisehockey.

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