Wisehockey introduces new innovative ways to integrate hockey analytics into entertainment and betting services. You can provide access to real-time game and player statistics anytime, anywhere. Show the speed of the latest slapshot on a jumbotron screen within seconds, or create bets on the fastest skater of the game. There are unlimited options to intensify the live experience at arenas, on TV and in Android/iOS app feeds.


Mobile apps

Our mobile app intensifies the game experience, anywhere and anytime. Entertain fans like never before by sending real-time game data to the viewers’ mobile devices.



Broadcast real-time statistics on TV to provide a unique hockey experience for fans everywhere – without spending hours to produce manual post-game video reports.



Show automatically created real-time statistics on the jumbotron screen. Enriching the game experience has never been as effortless!


Real-time API

Make your own mobile apps using Wisehockey API. Unlimited possibilities for creating a more engaging fan experience!


Betting services

Intensify the game with live competitions at the arena or on TV, new kinds of betting services and Android/iOS app features – just to name a few.

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