Let’s take a look at Wisehockey’s season’s highlights!

Wisehockey introduced real-time analytics to professional sports. In the last season we took our platform to a new level. “The past season was about international scaling of Wisehockey. We expanded our real-time service to 40 new arenas and played 1500 games in 10 countries,” says Wisehockey CEO Tomi Mikkonen.

Wisehockey featured 1500 games in 50 arenas in 10 countries in the 2019–2020 season, including all KHL and Liiga games. We tracked altogether 2000 players and 10,000 smart pucks on the ice.

Our smart puck statistics were massively on display: in just the biggest arena there were 60,000 spectators watching statistics on the media cube screen, and through other media such as TV, apps and betting services our analytics reached a much bigger audience.

Within a year we analyzed 9 billion data points, including 150,000 shots and 1.5 million passes.

All of this was fully automated without any dedicated personnel at arena and, more importantly, without any major issues,” Mikkonen says. “This creates a solid basis for a wide range of new digital services that are already in the pipeline with our partners. Moreover, there will of course be new arenas, even new sports in the Wisehockey family.”