New portable locators take Wisehockey platform to any venue


In order to take real-time sports analytics to a new location, it’s not always required to carry out permanent installation work. Wisehockey’s new portable Quuppa locators allow setup of the automatic analytics platform anywhere, on an event site or in a sports venue. While permanent setup takes 24 hours, portable locators can be set up at any venue in only a few hours.

When there is a need to set up the Wisehockey platform for temporary use in a venue that does not have Quuppa locators installed, portable locators are a quick and easy means of enabling automatic real-time tracking and analytics without compromising the quality of statistics. Tracking results are just as accurate as with permanently installed locators.

With portable locators the Wisehockey system can easily be taken to individual events. For example, portable locators have helped to introduce our real-time sports analytics platform to new venues in test or demonstration purposes.

Setting up portable locators at a football stadium