KHL: the first hockey league in the world to digitize every game


With Wisehockey KHL can become the first hockey league in the world to digitalize every game in real time.

At the end of February, the KHL team Jokerit hosted three regular season games at Hartwall Arena. All of the games were played using the automatic real-time Wisehockey sport analytics system. The pilot project was a huge success and a real eye-opener as the coaches were able to follow game statistics in real time:

“The system’s potential benefits to coaching staff are enormous. This data enables them to adjust their strategies in real time, based on what is happening out on the ice. The shot maps can reveal which opposition players block most shots, and from what positions; this helps to fine-tune the work of individual lines and deploy specific groups to better effect. In addition, coaches can immediately highlight errors at the end of each shift, using models of every passage of play. Each player can get personalized email reports, created and sent after every game or practice.” – Andy Potts, KHL press office.

On the ice there’s so much action the human eye can’t see: a puck’s speed reach the speed of ~150 km/h, but Wisehockey never misses neither the puck nor the player.

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