Hockey reporter of the year got hooked on smart hockey


Wisehockey’s automatic real-time sport analytics platform is more than overflowing statistics and tech madness. Tuomas Nyholm, winner of the Hockey Reporter of the Year award in Finland and the commentator of Telia Company’s Liiga hockey broadcasts, has turned from a sceptic into a smart hockey advocate.

For a century, we have had the same information on ice hockey, but things will really change with the smart puck. The real-time manner and the sheer amount of data will provide a new level of intensity of following the sport,” Nyholm enthuses in Telia’s news article.

However, only a couple of years ago Nyholm did not yet believe that real-time hockey data would become something really useful and game-enriching. Ice hockey statistics had remained almost the same for decades, including goals, passes, penalty minutes and some plus-minus statistics. But after Nyholm decided to find out what the automatic real-time analytics were really about, he discovered his new passion.

[The new technology] won’t change the game’s soul, but we will be able to understand that soul better,” Nyholm describes how he believes the new analytics system can make the hockey experience more captivating than ever before. The data produced with smart pucks and chips will make ice hockey more interesting to watch not only in arenas but also via television.

This is a long-term development that is only just beginning. Because the changes are so major, we will introduce new information to the broadcasts gradually. We are looking at a whole new scene,” Nyholm concludes.

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