From slap shot competitions to augmented reality: 8 real-time data treats for hockey fans


You’ve probably heard of puck and player tracking or smart pucks. Even if you’re familiar with the concept, it may be difficult to grasp what it has to offer for fans.

Here’s a list of new, improved insights you get from automated real-time hockey statistics. Whatever you think of the latest developments of hockey analytics, you’ll find these interesting:

1. All the exciting stats in real time

You’re used to seeing match score and some basic statistics on screen. Automated analytics bring new, interesting information on top of traditional names and numbers. Besides, all stats can be shown in real time. How fast did a player just shoot toward the goal? Now you can have the most entertaining facts immediately on jumbotron screen or LED displays around the rink.

Players in a rink with real-time momentum score on LED displays around the rink
It’s possible to show real-time stats such as momentum score around the rink
2. No scored goals? Still captivating!

If a game proceeds without scored goals, it doesn’t have to be boring. Smart stats draw your attention to every factor that affects the game. What aspects of offensive and defensive play resulted in a goalless game? How did your favorite players succeed in controlling and passing the puck?

It’s never been as easy to compare your favorite players’ statistics. Now you can get insights into their performance that were not available before.

3. Get behind the scenes

When you stream ice hockey content online, you might want to follow creators who have access to smart stats. Advanced automated hockey analytics help to produce fun and interesting content. As a real-life example, players have played guessing games of their own and teammates’ best performances and demonstrated their hardest slap shots on video. What a great way to take a look behind the scenes of a hardworking hockey team!

Even just seeing players discuss their current season’s smart puck statistics can be intriguing. Smart stats provide real-time overlay features to a stream. Crazy ideas can become a reality, bringing you closer to your favorite players.

4. A new layer to TV broadcasts

We all know the feeling of sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for the goal that will settle a win for our favorite team. Automated real-time statistics bring advanced game facts instantly to your screen. How many km/h was the one-timer that led to a scored goal? Which team is statistically more likely to score? No need to wait for the intermission report anymore.

5. Real-time data to your smartphone

What if you could find the hottest game stats and order game venue services using one mobile app? This becomes possible by sharing real-time statistics via public API. Food orders, seating, game and team stats and more can be packed into one handy application. Moreover, you can more easily share the events of the game in real time with your friends and followers on social media.

Real-time statistics on a fan's smartphone screen
Access statistics and game events in real time
6. Place your bet

If sports betting is your game, real-time data provides new opportunities. Betting companies are introducing new games and live betting products that simply weren’t possible until now. What if you placed a wager on the best shooter, the fastest skater, and the team with the best momentum score at the end of the game? Modern analytics offer more excitement and opportunities than ever before.

7. For sports analytics enthusiasts

All of you enthusiastic hockey analysts at home: smart puck data has a lot to offer. Combine your own observations with accurate, automatically calculated statistics to back up your analysis. You may discover new depths in your favorite hobby.

A chart showing the momentum throughout a game
Back up your analysis or bet with the latest data
8. Augmented reality is the future

Virtual and augmented reality are here. Together with real-time hockey data, AR takes your viewing experience to a whole new level. At home or in the arena, what if you could instantly get the stats you want to your TV, computer, or smartphone screen?

More to look forward to

These are some examples of how new hockey analytics boost your hockey experience. Do you wish to learn everything about your favorite players? Are you interested in the possibilities of AR? Or perhaps you have new ideas.

One thing is for sure: no matter whether this season’s games are played with or without a live audience, smart puck data gives you always a lot to look forward to. Wisehockey’s automated real-time statistics continue to be part of all KHL and Finnish Hockey League’s games in the 2020–2021 season.

Wisehockey is a fully automated real-time sports analytics platform. We don’t just produce statistics, we take fan engagement to the next level.

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