Finnish Hockey League’s first fully digitalized season begins


The first fully digitalized season of Liiga began on September 12. With its 91-year history, the Finnish professional ice hockey league is not afraid to keep up with the modern times and new technologies: for the 2019–2020 season all arenas are equipped with the Wisehockey analytics platform. From now on all Liiga matches will feature automatic real-time statistics.

Wisehockey and Liiga were already in close partnership in the 2018–2019 season, and the five-year contract renewal that was signed in May is a continuation of this collaboration. Liiga was the first hockey league in the world to make the decision to implement real-time tracking and analytics league-wide.

The digitalization of all Liiga matches allows for a wide range of new features that will interest fans, players and coaches as well as entertainment and betting service providers. In addition to accurate statistics on players’ speed, ice time and the distance skated on the ice, the Wisehockey system makes it possible to take a closer look at all match events and analyze game situations such as offensive and defensive play in more detail than ever before.

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