Finnish Hockey League Chairman believes in further possibilities of smart puck data


“The analytics system has been very reliable in use. I hope that some young hockey enthusiasts would step forward and start innovating new ways to use smart puck data.” The Chairman of Liiga‘s Board of Directors, Heikki Hiltunen, shared his thoughts and vision for automatic real-time hockey analytics in a Trombit interview. The Wisehockey system was implemented for all Finnish Hockey League’s games at the beginning of the 2019 – 2020 season.

According to Hiltunen, puck and player tracking has created many new possibilities for hockey training. Automatic real-time analytics have also already provided new business solutions such as making a product out of the hardest shots or fastest skaters. However, there is still room for wider use of smart puck data: the new analytics could enhance game strategies even further.

Hiltunen is proud of Finnish Hockey League’s example in the field of modern sport technologies. “I believe that here in Finland we have a great knowledge of information technology. I think this is a country where you can quickly innovate and implement these kinds of solutions, and it’s easy for people get used to them.”

Read the whole article on Trombit website (in Finnish).


Interested in the finished season’s smart puck statistics?

Wisehockey data has become an integral part of the statistics used in Finland’s biggest ice hockey league, Liiga, and many statistics on the Finnish Hockey League’s website and social media are calculated by Wisehockey’s automatic real-time hockey analytics system. Find out, for example, who are the most ‘electric’ players based on Wisehockey’s top speed stats!

Liiga website

One of the Finnish top professional leagues, Tappara, proudly showcases the team’s top-3 smart puck statistics on its website. The twelve different types of statistics include categories such as top speed, average speed, distance traveled on ice and puck control time. It might be interesting to take a look!

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