Finding balance between traditional and modern, analytics-based coaching


New hockey analytics bring new possibilities but also require learning to use the data efficiently. Advanced modern statistics are a relatively new tool in Liiga (Finnish Hockey League). In a recent article Urheilulehti, a Finnish sports magazine, shedded light on how Liiga teams have begun to utilize new data especially after the league-wide implementation of the Wisehockey system last summer.

According to Urheilulehti, hockey teams are more and more interested in measuring player performance. New tools allow gathering more advanced statistics, and inspiration comes from the bigger league NHL.

While the Wisehockey system provides useful information especially on individual players, it takes some time to gather enough data to better analyze game on a team level. One of the questions that interests coaches is whether distance skated on ice or number of passes correlate with a player’s success in a team.

However, coaches remind that in the end advanced statistics are just a tool. Learning to use the data efficiently and finding balance between traditional and modern, analytics-based coaching is the key.

Liiga’s analytics are constantly evolving and teams follow keenly the latest developments. In the future, understanding and utilizing analytics will become an increasingly important aspect of getting advantage over other teams.

Read more in Urheilulehti’s article (in Finnish)