Wisehockey provides accurate and visualized real-time statistics where no manual work is required. Now you can gain objective real-time insight into teams’ and players’ strengths and development areas. Analyzed, easy-to-use personal reports with visualizations are available anytime, anywhere. Be ahead of the competition – take advantage of modern coaching opportunities in both games and practice.

Shift statistics

Wisehockey offers a wide array of players’ shift statistics in real time. From puck control to skated distance to passes, now you can have it all. Track players’ performance and watch automatically clipped shift videos in Wiseplayer.

Attack breakdown

Wisehockey enables a deeper analysis of your team’s offensive zone play. Follow the course of every attack from start to finish: how long it lasted, what happened in every zone and what was the outcome of the attack. View the events on video with one click. Wisehockey helps you to figure out your team’s strengths and chances for improvement.

Interactive pass map

Wisehockey’s pass map is a unique feature helping you to understand the players’ pass game. Improve your team’s offensive play by learning what makes passes succeed or miss. Get deeper into tactic and strategy.

Game summary

Wisehockey provide a statistics overview of every game your team has played. View the most important numbers at a glance, including but not limited to faceoff win percentage, power plays and penalty kills, save and pass percentages and shots.

Real-time game statistics allow you to dive deeper into game analytics and discover your team’s strengths and possibilities for improvement.

Interactive shift chart

Shift chart is the perfect tool for coaches and players to track shifts in real time and after every game. Keep on track with individual players’ time on ice and their penalties. See which players were on the ice at any given moment.

The shift and time on ice charts are some of the most popular Wisehockey features among coaches.


Wisehockey turns real-time game data into momentum statistics. Our momentum chart shows which team is more likely to score at any given moment. Find out which team is dominating the game in order to be able to make the wisest decisions for your team. Show the momentum on the jumbotron screen to enrich the viewers’ experience.

Interactive shot map

Details of every shot in the game, in one place! Our shot map shows how many scored, missed, saved or blocked shots your team has made during the game. Find out which areas the players shot from, who was screening and how fast every shot was. Compare players’ and teams’ shot game by filtering the shot map view. Wisehockey shot map provides all the information you need for understanding how your team shoots, giving you the keys for improvement.

Automated video clipping

No more endless replaying of game videos in search of specific game events. Wisehockey automatically creates video clips of game events such as shots and goals, ready for you to view. Not only statistics, but also live footage – the most interesting parts of the game are just one click away!

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