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World’s first digitalized ice hockey league: Finnish League and Wisehockey sign a five-year contract

Finnish League Liiga and Wisehockey signed a five-year contract renewal on the Wisehockey hockey analytics platform. After the 2018–2019 pilot season, Wisehockey will expand to all Liiga arenas in Finland.

Wisehockey system has been installed to Vierumäki

In February 2019 Wisehockey system was installed to the Vierumäki ice arena. Vierumäki is a world class hockey training environment and the home of the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence as well as the Finnish Lions.

Wisehockey experience at Hartwall Arena

We are happy to announce the Wisehockey system has been installed to Hartwall Arena, the number one event venue in Finland. Hartwall Arena is the home ice for the Helsinki-based hockey club Jokerit (KHL) and the Finnish men's national ice hockey team.

KHL used Wisehockey for the All-Star event

KHL used Wisehockey’s analytics platform and service in the KHL All-Star event in Kazan on 19 – 20th January, 2019. Wisehockey was used in both the SuperSkills competition and the All-Star game.

Wisehockey and Finnish League announce collaboration

Finnish League (Liiga) is investing in real-time tracking technology. Wisehockey system has been installed in four Finnish League arenas for the season 2018 – 2019.

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