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Finnish Hockey League’s first fully digitalized season begins

The first fully digitalized season of Liiga began on September 12. With its 91-year history, the Finnish professional ice hockey league is not afraid to keep up with the modern times and new technologies: for the 2019–2020 season all arenas are equipped with the Wisehockey analytics platform.

KHL digitalizes all matches of the upcoming season

After the successful All-Star event in Kazan in January and regular season matches at Hartwall Arena (Helsinki), KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) will digitalize all matches of the upcoming season. The decision to implement new technologies means that system installations, including integration of a real-time data analytics platform, will be carried out at each KHL league arena during the summer.

New Wisehockey feature: Momentum

Wisehockey Momentum feature shows the whole picture at a glance. Real-time Momentum chart is a sum of different game statistics: puck possession, faceoffs and penalties, just to name a few.

KHL: the stage is set for the KHL to become the first hockey league in the world to digitize every game in real time

With Wisehockey the KHL can become the first hockey league in the world to digitize every game in real time. At the end of February Jokerit hosted three regular season games at Hartwall Arena and all games were played with the Wisehockey smart puck system.

KHL All-Star game statistics revealed to the public!

This is for all you sports analytics enthusiasts out there! Wisehockey data from the KHL All-Star game is now public.

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