Another season of smart hockey starts – U19 and U20 teams in Vierumäki


Another season of smart hockey has just started in the Vierumäki Olympic Training Center, the home of Finland’s national ice hockey teams. Vierumäki was one of the first arenas to implement Wisehockey’s real-time sports analytics platform a few years ago. The new hockey season will be enriched by Wisehockey’s brand new real-time analytics features on top of the wide variety of traditional statistics.

On 19–21 July the U20 teams of Finland, Czechia and Switzerland and the Finnish U19 team started the ice hockey season in Vierumäki. These teams were the first users of the Wisehockey platform’s newest fully automated real-time features. The event consisted of practice games, and player scouts were keeping a keen eye on young prospects.

xG and other new features

On top of a wide variety of traditional stats, Wisehockey’s new features include several advanced statistics such as live analysis of xG (expected goals), a shotmap statistic that shows the likeliness of scoring a goal. Coaches continue to receive data about many other game aspects such as screens, passes, contests, puck control and offenses. It is now also possible to download a handy summary report of a game’s most important statistics.

All of the above allows player profiling on a completely new level with dozens of elements. These include features such as a new advanced measurement, Player Momentum Effect (PME). PME shows each player’s effect on team momentum during their shift.

xG is indicated by colors on the shotmap

Automated video clipping

The Wisehockey platform has multi-camera support for automated real-time video clipping. Enhanced video analysis allows you to view the game seamlessly from different angles with automatically generated team formation and player path overlays. This makes video coaching more effortless. Real-time video clipping covers automatically thousands of game events such as shots, passes, faceoffs, offenses, blue line crossings, player shifts and many more. Video clips and playlists can be shared via streaming links directly to players, team management or other recipients.

Game from different camera angles in Wiseplayer
View the game from multiple angles in Wiseplayer

You can learn more about the newest features of Wisehockey’s real-time sports analytics on our website and social media during this summer and in the fall.