Take your game to the next level

Analytics is taking a bigger role in sports than ever before. Keeping manually track of the ever-growing number of statistics is painfully slow and inefficient. This is why the demand for automation and digitalization of sports analytics is growing: you need useful data, quickly and effortlessly. Wisehockey provides this with only coordinate data as a source.

We at Wisehockey understand that analytics is more than a high pile of complicated data. We process the whole game from start to finish automatically and provide visualized, easy-to-use statistics for teams and fans. What we need for that is simply positioning data of players and the ball or puck.

Using only coordinate data, our fully automated real-time analytics platform offers a superior set of statistics for sports clubs and third-party service providers. The Wisehockey platform is used in thousands of ice hockey and football games a year including all games of the KHL and the Finnish Hockey League.

Fully automated process – Zero manual effort

Wisehockey automates the whole match day flow. This makes our analytics platform an effortless choice. From collecting and processing game data to streaming visualized statistics via our API, nothing requires your manual effort.

You do not need specifically assigned personnel to run the Wisehockey analytics platform at a sports venue. The system automatically collects coordinate data and directs the data to a cloud where it is turned into visualized statistics.


Reliable and scalable cloud-based analytics from coordinate data

You can provide data points from different sources and technologies, and Wisehockey keeps analytics light and fast. Wisehockey provides accurate tracking of players and the ball, puck, or other objects on a hundred-millisecond level. Cloud technology makes the Wisehockey analytics platform quick and scalable.

No matter how many games are played simultaneously, all data can be processed without delay. When analytics is done in the cloud, we can manage multiple simultaneous processes. For example, the Wisehockey platform breaks down the game into smaller events such as offenses, shots, and passes. Visualized statistics are calculated for the whole match and individual match events, including automated real-time video clipping for all of them.

Choose the most advanced real-time sports analytics

Today’s sports ecosystem is demanding and relying more and more on fast, accurate and reliable data analytics.

With Wisehockey, it takes just a few seconds to stream visualized data via the low-latency Wisehockey API to use game statistics in TV broadcasts and mobile apps, on your website, or on any other platform.

With Wisehockey’s analytics platform, you will take your game to the next level.