5 top features of Wisehockey’s fully automated video clipping tool


Different video tools have been part of sports coaching for a long time. Wisesport provides a fully automated video clipping tool that makes game analysis quicker and easier – in real time.

Modern, advanced technology allows tracking the game and processing video clips automatically without manual work. Using position tracking and cloud-based real-time analytics, the Wisesport platform provides a unique Wiseplayer tool that has become one of our most used features.

Wiseplayer provides automatically clipped footage of thousands of game events such as offenses, shots, and faceoffs. Our unique approach produces a seamless combination of video clips and visualized statistics – for immediate use without manual effort.

Here are some of Wiseplayer’s top features:

1. Players’ trails

Wiseplayer not only allows you to switch on players’ nameplates that make it easier to identify players from the video. You can also switch on the tracking of players’ trails and team formations.

Players’ trails are automatically drawn lines that follow players’ skating routes in real time. The trails show the recent route the players have skated to the point where they are now.

Players’ trails provide the viewer (for example, a coach) with a better understanding of how an attack progressed for each player, or how one player proceeded to score a goal.

Players’ trails and other features are generated in real time, which means that you can use Wiseplayer during the practice or game without delay.

2. Team formation highlight

Team formation highlight is a feature that shows the teams’ formations throughout the game. When you switch on the highlight, the formations of both teams’ are shown in Wiseplayer as colored shapes that transform when the players move on the ice.

Formation highlight allows you to observe game movements on a team level in real time. You can observe how players are positioned during different game events in offense and defense.

3. Fully automated video clipping

The Wisesport system automatically detects game events such as offenses, shots, passes, and individual players’ shifts – even things that are difficult to catch by the human eye. Wiseplayer turns these events into video clips for your use, automatically and without delay.

When video clipping is fully automated, you also get an interactive, full list of game events. It takes just one click to watch any part of the game!

While there is a great number of video clips, searching relevant ones is easy: Wiseplayer’s filtering options allow you to quickly find what you are looking for.

4. Making and sharing video playlists

Wiseplayer makes it easy to save and share the most interesting game events for later viewing. With one click, you can add a game event such as a faceoff or an individual player’s shift to your video playlist.

In addition to saving game events to favorites, you can share your playlist with others. Sharing information between your colleagues and team members is easy: just send a link, and they can watch the video clips from your playlist without signing in.

5. 2D animation

Wiseplayer generates a 2D animation of the game automatically, allowing you to switch to animation mode and back to get a new perspective on the game. From the bird’s-eye view you can better analyze players’ horizontal movements on the ice and track the puck.

All of this in real time

While providing all the above features and more, Wiseplayer operates fully automatically and in real time. Accessing video clips of all games and practices no longer takes manual effort and tedious waiting. No wonder Wiseplayer is one of our most used features!