10 real-time analytics achievements: Wisesport’s 2020 recap


The year 2020 meant rapid progress for our fully automated real-time sports analytics. Here are ten fascinating highlights for you!


Wisehockey finished the first full KHL and Liiga seasons despite their early ending. With a growing number of advanced features, the Wisehockey system proved to be reliable and robust in every-day use.


We launched the Wisesport football analytics platform, the first fully automated real-time analytics system for football. The Finnish Football Association successfully implemented and piloted the platform in the summer.


We put a lot of effort into developing new features for the service ecosystem surrounding game events. Digitalization opened new opportunities for TV, AR, betting, and other means of fan engagement!


Wisehockey Tampere Cup in September benchmarked a new kind of arena experience with unique real-time effects.


We asked ice hockey professionals what they think of automated real-time analytics. In this video they share how they benefit from advanced statistics!


Covid-19 has affected team sports severely. We harnessed our expertise for tracking exposed players.


Wisehockey and the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs (E.H.C.) announced a multiyear partnership, naming Wisehockey the Official Real-Time Analytics Partner of the E.H.C. Alliance.


Wisehockey’s new portable Quuppa locators take the real-time analytics platform to any venue. It is now easy to introduce Wisehockey analytics even to individual games and events.


The Wisesport football analytics platform was used in the season ending of the Finnish Premier League. The event opened a new page for automated real-time football analytics.


The Norwegian Premier League started league-wide implementation of the Wisehockey platform in December. The entire league will be digitalized during this spring.

More to come

We are excited to continue providing the most advanced real-time sports analytics to you this year. Take a look at our features and the cutting-edge services Wisesport enables!